The German Federal Music Industry Association (BVMI) has presented new forgery-proof gold and platinum records aimed at averting the risk of bogus awards.

"Only the presence of the new BVMI seal of quality guarantees that the sales figures reported have been verified," said BVMI managing director Stefan Michalk.

Previously, the original BVMI logo had been taken as proof of the disc being genuine.

Recently, however, individual forgeries of gold and platinum records have been offered for sale on the Internet.

"Gold and platinum records are a special award for any artist. By introducing forgery-proof awards, we are able to preserve their high importance for the future," Michalk explained.

Since 1975, BVMI has been awarding gold and platinum records to artists, composers, songwriters and musicians.

In 2009, 186 gold records were awarded compared to 227 in 2008; 84 platinum records were awarded for albums compared to 97 a year earlier. An album goes gold if it sells more than 100,000 units and platinum for sales of 200,000 units.