European digital distributor and services provider Believe Digital is to roll out its premium service to unsigned buzz acts.

Founded in 2004, Believe Digital claims to be the leading digital distributor and services provider to independent artists and labels in Europe.

Artists it represents include Gotan Project, MC Solaar, world musicians Femi Kuti, Ravi Shankar and U.K. hip hop artist Lowkey. Blanco y Negro, SWP Records and France's EPM and Fremeaux and among the labels included on its roster.

In addition to its premium distribution service, which includes the provision of comprehensive marketing, A&R and label management facilities, in 2009 Believe Digital launched a 'basic' digital distribution service, entitled Zimbalam, specifically tailored for unsigned and emerging artists.

In return for a low-entry annual fee, Zimbalam provides unsigned artists and indie labels with a platform to self-release music in key online stores, including iTunes, eMusic and Napster. They retain full control over their rights and royalties.

According to Believe Digital, over 35,000 artists have used the Zimbalam service since its launch.

Annual subscription costs £9.99 ($15.39) for a single track upload and £19.98 ($30.79) for an EP or album, with artists and labels given access to real time sales reporting and analytical tools.

The company now intends to 'upstream' any artists that are generating strong sales on the Zimbalam platform to the full Believe Digital service - increasing an act's digital presence, as well as providing them with bespoke management advice.

In a statement, Stephen King, managing director of Believe Digital, said: "We have long recognized the benefits of our Zimbalam service as a talent incubator and now regularly monitor artists and labels using it to see where we can add value and help them graduate to the next level."

He continued, "By up-streaming exceptional new talent to the Believe platform we can build for the future by offering a range of services and expertise that will benefit both the artists and labels we work with and our company in the long-term."

Artists and labels who have graduated from Zimbalam to Believe Digital recently include France-based artists Elephanz, Charles Pasi and Laure Perret, Katrin Wulff in Germany, and the 29th Chapter and Modus Records in the U.K.