Microsoft will move its music service to the Zune Marketplace when the platform launches in the U.K. later this year.

Zune Marketplace, which will also roll out across Europe, is for PCs, the new Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360 games console. The Zune Player has not been released outside North America.

The MSN Music U.K. service currently features promotions from artists including Katy Perry, whose "Teenage Dream" (EMI) is on sale for £7.19 ($11.35). The service was previously powered by Nokia's OD2, but when that was shuttered Microsoft had to create a temporary beta service before the Zune platform was in place.

MSN Music U.K. customers will be invited to join the Zune Marketplace. Users can buy a-la-carte tracks from or purchase a Zune Pass, priced £8.99 ($14.19), for unlimited streaming via Windows Phone 7, Xbox 360, or on a PC via the Zune application.