French songwriters' and publishers' collecting society Sacem has announced a licensing deal with Youtube France, after three years of negotiations.

The deal, described by Sacem as a blanket license, includes Sacem's worldwide repertoire licensed for YouTube in France, Luxemburg and Andorra.

"This is a very important agreement to us," Sacem chairman of the management board Bernard Miyet tells "This restates the importance of the fundamental principle under which [a service] benefiting directly or indirectly from our works has to remunerate their authors."

"We are very happy to have ended up with this agreement," says Christophe Muller, director of YouTube partnerships for Europe southern and eastern regions, Middle East and Africa. Muller stated both Sacem and Youtube had to make real efforts to come up to a compromise. He stressed music is very important and very popular amongst YouTube's users, although he declined to unveil the share of music in YouTube traffic.

The deal applies retroactively from 2007 - when YouTube launched in France - and goes until 2012. It involves user generated content and professional videos played on Youtube and Google Video France.

While the terms of the agreement remain undisclosed, Muller says it is in line with the agreements already signed elsewhere in Europe. YouTube has agreements regarding authoring rights in countries such as the U.K., Italy, Spain, the Netherlands.

The deal includes Sacem's worldwide repertoire, although some publishers - such as EMI with GEMA and MCPS - have granted specific collecting societies with the right to negotiate licenses on their English-American repertoire to European services.

"[A global repertoire deal] was the preferred solution of all the parties involved," said Miyet, stressing Sacem received the agreement of all the publishers and collecting societies involved in such licensing agreement.

Miyet notes other major services, such as Myspace, still have to get licensing agreement with Sacem.

YouTube has already signed licensing deals with the four majors companies and many independent labels for France.