Danish telecom company TDC has delivered over 250 million music downloads since launching its range of music subscription services in April 2008.

News that TDC had reached the 250 million download figure was announced today (Nov. 10) in a statement from B2B technology provider 24-7 Entertainment, which powers TDC's music offering.

TDC's music subscription service, which is entitled TDC Play, is available to all subscribers of TDC's mobile phone and broadband services, with customers entitled to download unlimited music for free throughout the duration of their subscription. Downloads are, however, DRM protected and cannot technically be burnt to CD or converted to MP3 and used on other devices.

TDC also offers a YouSee Play service for its TV cable subscribers, which provides customers with an identical unlimited music provision, as well as a regular download store, entitled TDC Musik, where customers can purchase DRM free track downloads or full albums. TDC Musik was launched in 2004 and currently sells approx 100,000 individual downloads a month, according to a spokesperson for the company.

In October 2008 TDC launched a complimentary bolt-on music service for TDC Play and YouSee Play subscribers, entitled Play 10, which allows subscribers to download and keep 10 tracks per month for a 50 Danish kroner (then $9) monthly fee (Billboard.biz, Oct. 16, 2008).

A streaming component was also incorporated into the TDC offering in December 2009, which has proved extremely popular among Danish music consumers. In October 2.5 million tracks were streamed on TDC Play and YouSee Play platforms, says 24-7 Entertainment.

TDC's 250 million download milestone relates exclusively to tracks downloaded as part of the company's subscription packages. All four majors have partnered with the telecom company for its music provision, which has a total catalog of 8.6 million songs.

In light of the company's success in bundling unlimited music downloads with cable, mobile and broadband subscription, Morten Dahlgren, 24-7 Entertainment's VP sales and marketing, Nordic, tells Billboard.biz that he anticipates TDC's business model being rolled out to other European territories in the near future.

In order to do so, however, European telecom companies need "become knowledgeable about how the market works, how to approach the labels and how to approach the publishing societies," Dahlgren warns.

"I think its really important for other European players to understand how smart this is and [to learn] how to approach the labels in their local territory - to understand and get this solution viable," he goes on to say.

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