The temperatures in Cannes were in the 40s and 50s, but that didn't stop what proved to be an overabundance of scarves donned throughout MIDEM. Must be a European fashion thing, but everybody seemed to have them, particularly -- it seems -- many U.S.-based execs who apparently were waiting for an excuse to bust out their finest neckwear. Check it out:


A2IM president Richard Bengloff tries to get into the spirit of the scarf fad with his AC/DC knit sweater. You be the judge on whether he succeeded.


Plaid on plaid.


Billboard's Glenn Peoples (left) and Sony Music President of Global Digital Business for U.S. Sales and Corporate Strategy Thomas Hesse show off their European fashion sense with scarves of their own.


Extra points for scarf and headphones.


Do you text because I scarf?


Too cool for l'ecole.