Smash Announces Benefit for Nippon; Superfly Releases Charity Single
Smash Announces Benefit for Nippon; Superfly Releases Charity Single

One of Japan's leading promoters, Smash Corporation announced today that they would initiate a wide-ranging Japan charity relief project called Benefit for Nippon.

The concert promoter has started the efforts with a website of the same name and will follow that up by aligning the endeavor with charity drives and volunteer activities.

Smash hopes the website will serve as a clearinghouse for artists to contribute their feelings and share information on ways to help. Masahiro Hidaka, Smash President, said on the web page, "This website was created to post messages of encouragement from overseas and domestic artists to the Japanese people and information about ongoing support activities."

He continued, "This project will be undertaken in conjunction with charity drives, charity concerts and other volunteer activities. It will also be connected with the "Japan Disaster Benefit" charity concert which will be held in London on April 3rd." Hidaka stressed the idea was in its formative stage, "Information about other activities that will be undertaken in the coming days and weeks will also be announced on this website."

Meanwhile, Japanese artists in the music industry are continuing to offer help to the victims of the disasters in the country.

While the news that the four major multinational labels have released the 38-track charity project Songs for Japan on iTunes has received much international notice, many Japanese performers continue to do their part.

The chart-topping singer Superfly (AKA Shiho Ochi) announced that proceeds from her new single "You & Me" will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross, the same destination as the Songs for Japan revenue.

On her website Superfly stated, "All the proceeds from sales of the song will go to the Japan Red Cross for relief funds for the Tohoku-Kanto Great earthquake. The victims have my deepest sympathy and I hope for the reconstruction of the affected areas as soon as possible."

The track has been released on Japan's leading cell phone music store Rekuchoku, iTunes and wamo!

Actress and singer Miho Nakayama released a new track via Youtube expressing her support and depth of feeling for the victims.

"I am with you (tooku wa naretetemo)" is Nakayama's first release in ten years and the music was written by her husband Hiroshi Tsuji. Tsuji stated on his Twitter feed that he was moved by messages of solidarity from abroad.

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