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Drai's Nightclub

Thirteen months after DJ equipment maker Vestax filed for bankruptcy in Japan, its founder has announced that he’s reviving the company name and will release a limited line of products. Hidesato Shiino, who founded the company in 1977 but left in 2002, writes on his blog that starting in March, Vestax will begin releasing between 10-20 STP/Vestax-branded mixers directly to consumers per month.

"There is significant experienced thought behind the development and production of this mixer, as top-quality sound has been the priority behind its development," Shiino writes, according to a DJTechTools translation. "It is also matched with a distinct yet subtle design."

DJ Equipment Producer Vestax Has Reportedly Filed for Bankruptcy

Shiino says other products will follow throughout the year, including a power amplifier, signal devices, pre-amplifiers and, of course, a turntable. "We think that no matter how the music world is changing, there will always be real die-hard music lovers," he writes.

Founded by Shiino as a maker of electronic guitars, Vestax later shifted its focus to DJ equipment, such as professional turntables, signal processors, drum machines, mixers and MIDI controllers. The company lost its U.S. distributor in October 2014 and filed for bankruptcy two months later after falling 90 million yen in debt among sluggish sales.