Peter Hook

Peter Hook performs in London on January 17, 2013.

REX USA/Tom Watkins/Rex

Since parting ways with New Order in 2007, bassist Peter Hook has been on fairly unfriendly terms with his erstwhile Joy Division/New Order bandmates.

Aside from saying the current incarnation of New Order -- which includes three original members -- is "not New Order," Hook criticized his bandmates for not consulting with him before reuniting in 2011 after a hiatus.

Now, Hook is blasting the band for not giving him a heads-up about Joy Division's recently launched Twitter account.

In case you're wondering why a band that broke up in 1980 after its lead singer committed suicide is suddenly tearin' it up on social media, the answer is depressingly predictable: The boys have some new Joy Division product to hawk.

That, more than not giving Hook a heads-up, seems like the real tragedy here.