BitTorrent Comes to iOS

Vevo's new iOS interface.

BitTorrent, the oft-maligned, semi-misunderstood (did you know that, until earlier this year, Spotify used an identical technology to deliver music to you?) file-sharing protocol, has entered the verdant landscape of iOS after years of rejection.

Up to this point, apps that enabled users to download torrents were nixed by Apple because they basically enabled rampant piracy on its devices, but a clever and/or well-researched developer has made an app, Blue Downloader, that only allows users access to above-board torrent sites, most of which offer content within the public domain. These include BitTorrent's own Bundle, Bitlove (podcast archiving),, Public Domain Flicks and Librivox, among others.


The availability of the new app is great news for BitTorrent's Bundle program, which now has 800 million devices (with 75 billion app downloads) to court. It could also be a boon for the protocol itself, which has suffered from associations with piracy -- understandable associations, considering it is how the Pirate Bay and other sites distribute files. But the company has done well in reforming its image, drawing Madonna, Death Grips and, most recently, the Brooklyn electronic label Fool's Gold to use the digital distribution platform.

BitTorrent has spent the last year bolstering support for its Bundle program, which recently entered its second phase: monetization.