Despite recent reports, the arrival of Spotify in Canada may not be as imminent as suggested.

Representatives from Beats and Spotify deny these rumors. A source told Billboard that "It would be inaccurate to claim it's even close to a launch in Canada," regarding Beats Music's move to the north.

On Spotify, a source told us that the service's Canadian launch may not be too far off, but a specific, imminent month was hard to pin down. A spokesperson for the company told us that they, unsurprisingly, "want to bring Spotify to everyone everywhere."

In May, Google Play launched in the country, whose market has been a hard one to break into for other streaming services (in 2010, for example, Pandora deferred entering the Canadian market because Re:Sound, the country's royalty collection agency, wanted to charge 45 percent of the site's gross revenues).

In part due to limited competition from those major players, Songza, a U.S.-based playlist curation site, has gained a foothold in the streaming market since launching in 2012, according to the Financial Post -- the same year Deezer also made a play for Canada's streaming market. Competing music streaming services include Rdio, Sony Music Unlimited, and XBox Music.