Rdio has joined forces with Brazilian media conglomerate Grupo Bandeirantes, according to Complete Music Update. The latter will grow its online music presence with the Rdio and promote the music streaming service across its print, television, and radio media properties. 

"This partnership is a major innovation in music distribution in Brazil," commented Antonino Ruggiero, vice president for business subscription of Grupo Bandeirantes, in a statement. "Streaming music is a reality that will revolutionize the way we listen to and share music."

Brazil has the third-largest market for Rdio, which recently acquired shuttered Indian streaming service Dinghana as part of a global expansion plan following its dissociation from music intelligence platform the Echo Nest (which was purchased by Rdio competitor Spotify). 

"As we have said publicly before, global expansion and localized customer experiences are key focuses for Rdio," said CEO of Rdio Anthony Bay. Brazil is one of the most dynamic countries in the world with a vibrant music culture. In fact, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are among the top cities for Rdio users in the world."

Grupo Bandeirante's assets include terrestrial and cable television stations, a collection of radio stations (Band FM, Nativa FM), newspapers (Jornal Metro), and the online news portal Band.com.br, which will incorporate Rdio into its infrastructure.

Rdio, launched in San Francisco by a co-founder of Skype in 2010, has a library of 30 million songs currently available in 51 countries and has previously stated that 57% of its monthly active users now come from outside of the U.S.

Speaking to entering international markets (specifically, China, which has a huge market) in an interview with Billboard earlier this month, Bay said, "For us to expand into a country, we have to get the rights for the global catalog and then build up the local repertoire. We're big believers in respecting the rights of artists, copyright holders and composers."