In addition to recently joining the crowded set-top field, Amazon will release its own smartphone later this year, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The Journal reports that Amazon has been presenting its new handset to programmers in the Bay Area and its home base of Seattle recently.

The phone is said to contain technology that would make images appear three-dimensional -- similar to a hologram.

While the technology may be eyebrow-raising, Amazon's recent diversification isn't. CEO Jeff Bezos' ambition for himself and his company knows no bounds. The company sold its Kindle e-reader at cost in order to penetrate, and nearly dominate, the e-reader market -- after completely altering the traditional book publishing landscape in the years prior. Bezos bought the Washington Post, one of the country's papers of record, last year. Amazon's recent move to the living room will put the company front-and-center to many early adopters, and its moves toward content acquisition in order to support that set-top device would align perfectly with an all-in-one service that could be accessed from the television, phone, or computer equally.