Twitter Rolls Out Redesign

Michelle Obama's Twitter profile has been redesigned.

Twitter has announced a homepage redesign, which the social media platform will roll out in the coming weeks.

First tested in February, Twitter's "new and improved web profile" looks a lot like Facebook's profile pages, as the Verge reports, with a horizontal banner across the top of the screen (with users' Twitter stats in the place of "About," "Photos," etc.), a larger profile photo in the left-hand corner along with tiles of followers and photos and videos, and a timeline of users' tweets.

Other features include an increased visual focus on users' most-trafficked tweets, a self-representative "pinned" tweet at the top of the page -- not unlike Facebook's personal quotes of yore -- and the ability to filter other users' tweets based on what you're looking for. 

It's possible this is part of Twitter's attempt to reach a wider, older audience, as studies have shown that Facebook still far and away bests Twitter in terms of user numbers (as of December 2013, 71% of online adults use Facebook compared to the 18% that use Twitter). 

Right now, the redesign is only available for a select number of high-profile users such as Michelle Obama, Zac Efron, and Weezer. Mere mortals who want the redesign before the rest of the world must sign up for a whole new Twitter account, which will automatically come with the new features.