Sonicbids and Magisto, the cloud-based service for the mobile creation and distribution of personal movies, have created a partnership that will allow fans to create user-generated music videos for songs issued by 13 bands. Moreover, those videos that include the hashtag #SXSWsonic will be entered a  “Battle of Fans” promotion, giving fans the power to help their favorite band win (based on which band receives the most views across all fan-created videos using their music) a live performance opportunity at the Sonicbids Official SXSW party at Maggie Mae’s in Austin, Texas on March 14.

The bands chosen for the "Battle of Fans" are: Air Traffic Controller, Black Pistol Fire, California Wives, Dinner And A Suit, E-Dubble, Gentlemen Hall, Lovely Bad Things, Solander, the Spring Standards, the Young Folk and Tim Chaisson.

"We’re excited to offer a way for musicians and fans to collaborate using Magisto to cement the shared experience that defines music listening," Magisto CMO Reid Genauer said in a statement. "By activating the loyal fans of both artists and the creative community within Magisto, over 100,000 fan-generated movies were created, receiving nearly 1 million video views.”

Fans of the eleven selected bands can create their own Rock On-themed Magisto movie using their favorite band’s music and Magisto’s easy-to-use 4-click video creation process, according to the announcement.

In addition, Magisto and Sonicbids also teamed up on a separate promotion, offering all 450,000 of Sonicbids’ bands the opportunity to create their own Magisto movie and also compete for a live-performance spot at Sonicbids' SXSW party. Bands can create and share their Magisto music videos with fans via social channels, and the band that creates a movie that comes in among the 50 most-viewed videos are eligible to be chosen to perform at the Sonicbids' party.

"Magisto's app lets anyone easily create sophisticated looking videos combining their own footage with great music," Sonicbids CEO Peter Rappaport in a statement. "This program enables our bands to get additional exposure for their music, and fans to share their favorite music in a new and personal way."