2014 Midemlab Winners Announced

Participants in Midem Hack Day, the Midem Marketing Competition and the Midem Lab

Desjardins/Image & Co.

Interactive software that transforms body movement into song and a Spotify DJ app were among the winners of Midem 2014’s prestigious competition strands.
Announced on day three of the Cannes-held music conference, which commenced Feb. 1 and wraps tomorrow, the winners of Midemlab -- Midem’s international pitching competition for innovative start-ups and app developers -- were chosen from 30 finalists by an international jury made up of entertainment executives, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, incubator specialists and innovators in the digital media sphere.
The winners fall into three catagories:

Category 1: Music Discovery, Recommendation and Creation

Nagual Sounds (Germany)
Company Description: Nagual Sounds developed a unique software and holds the patent on the technology to transform any kind of data into tonal music. The body movements of a person in front of a 3D camera provide the data input. Every move gets translated into music - in real time!

Category 2: Marketing and Social Engagement

Starlize by Mobile Motion (Germany)

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Company Description: Starlize is an app for smartphones, which enables teenagers to easily create personalised music videos of their favourite stars. While the music is playing, users can perform and dance in front of the camera. Starlize automatically creates a high-quality music video combining the song of the artist and the video recordings of the user. Finally, users can share their masterpiece on all common social networks.

Category 3: Direct-to-consumer Sales and Content Monetisation

Weezic (France)
Company Description: Weezic introduces the Augmented sheet music, the new digital standard for both musicians and publishers. The augmented sheet music reinvents daily practice for 250m musicians with automatic page turning, customizable and synced HD play-along tracks as well as gamified real-time polyphonic assessment. It is also a revolution for publishers as any paper sheet music can be turned into an augmented version without any graphical loss.
In addition to the three Midemlab winers, a special prize - the Vivendi “Coup de Cœur, as awarded by a jury of Vivendi and Universal Music Group senior management – was given to the Turkey-based social music platform cubic.fm, which aims to connect Deezer and Spotify within a single global network.