Internet radio service Songza has teamed with concert data site Songkick to create playlists featuring music from artists on tour.

Songkick CEO Ian Hogarth explains Songza will have "a rolling playlist" that will be updated based on a combination of touring data and editorial decisions. 

Songkick's database is a rich source for playlist inspiration. The six-year-old, London-based company has compiled over 3 million upcoming and past concerts and has over 100,000 setlists in its database. Its concert data has been integrated in numerous places, such as YouTube, Vevo, Bandcamp, HypeMachine, SoundCloud and Spotify.

Songkick supplies over 40 years of Glastonbury setlists to the BBC's website for the festival. Hogarth says Songkick now reaches over 8.5 million unique fans each month through its mobile apps and website. 

The Songza-Songkick pairing makes sense because radio and concerts are a natural fit. Although they lack the close connection of broadcast radio and concerts, Internet radio services use live events to build a better relationship with listeners. Clear Channel's annual music festival in Las Vegas and its theaters in New York and Los Angeles carry the name of its Internet radio service, iHeartRadio.

Pandora has held "personalized" concerts in select cities based on preferences and voting patterns of listeners in the area. One new service, Spindio, combines music streaming and local event listnings.

Songza's playlist-oriented approach to music discovery appealed to Songkick, says Hogarth. "Given that playlists are the heart of Songza's service we thought this was the most native integration."