Twitter Ponders Pulling Plug on #Music App (Report)
Downloads of Twitter #Music (blue line) dropped off a cliff within weeks after the app launched in April. Red line represents downloads of all music apps as a category on iOS. Credit: App Annie.

Bye bye, Birdie? Twitter Music, which launched to great fanfare in April, may be headed for the delete key, according to reports.

The standalone social music app, whose downloads soared in its first few days, quickly plummetted after the celebrity-engineered buzz died down. Its failure to re-gather its momentum through organic social propagation has led Twitter to consider killing the app, according to the Journal, citing company sources. 

Twitter did not respond to a request from Billboard on the fate of its music app.

The app was built partly on the technology created by We Are Hunted, a tiny music discovery service that Twitter acquired earlier this year. Based in Brisbane, Australia, We Are Hunted had a devoted following of music fans who turned to its service for a fresh round-up of up-and-coming bands across the world. Its team was moved to San Francisco following the acquisition, and the technology incorporated into Twitter's Music app, alongside Twitter's other trending music topics.

Though meant to be a peanut-butter-and-chocolate combination, the integration proved to be more like oil and water, with the app serving up two, vastly different sets of suggestions for its users -- one that's mainstream and pop-oriented and another that's more cutting edge independent music.

The app also suffered from not being fully integrated with Twitter's main micro-blogging platform. Rather than firing up two separate Twitter apps, many users simply turned to the main Twitter feed.

Twitter, which hopes to raise $1 billion from an initial public offering, is not giving up on music. Instead, it has hired Bob Moczydlowsky, the former chief executive of Topspin Media, to head up its music strategy, which the Journal pointed out has been in limbo since the departure of Kevin Thau, Twitter's Vice President, shortly after he spearheaded the We Are Hunted acquisition.