Myspace has its first major product update for artists and creators, since its official relaunch this June.

Called Portfolio, the new feature will allow users to promote 10 to 31 items of their original work, be it a photo, a video, an animated GIF or a new song, in one horizontal page. Portfolio will be available on Myspace desktop, and viewable on the mobile web and mobile app for iPhones iOS 6 and above.

Myspace Launches ‘Music Video Collaborations With Artists We Like’ Program

Additionally, Myspace will debut a new ad campaign for TV showcasing artists from its community, including Atlantic psych-rockers Portugal. The Man, violinist Amadéus and Brooklyn rapper Ace Da God, which Billboard debuts exclusively below. The campaign was led by Myspace chief creative officers Eric and Keith Tilford, who were appointed earlier this year by creative director Justin Timberlake. The Hit-Boy, Amadeus, Findlay and Ace Da God artist films were shot by Christian Weber, while Portugal. The Man's spot was filmed by Ben Flaherty, associate creative director of Myspace. All will air on MTV through the remainder of fourth quarter 2013.

Portugal. The Man


Ace Da God

“Myspace is committed to empowering the creative community,” says April Thrun, Myspace’s VP-marketing, “and within that DNA there’s the original social network, but also what’s evolved organically in the creative ecosystem. We’ve been getting a lot of feedback from artists since we launched in June, and Portfolio is a way for us to make some of that feedback actionable.”

Ali Tahmasbi, Myspace’s VP of product, said Portfolio was soft-launched to the artist community in September, and has already been adopted by thousands of users. “We were seeing a lot of musicians uploading content, but also photographers posting their photos, which was something we weren’t expecting right away,” he says. “We want to make it easy as possible to promote what you want.”

Since its redesign was unveiled in June, Myspace has touted internal figures, from Google Analytics, which put its U.S. audience at 36 million monthly active users, including 40% from mobile, an increase from 24 million two weeks before the relaunch.

But ComScore, the widely accepted arbiter of web activity, tells a different story, measuring only 6.5 million unique U.S. desktop users in August. A source familiar with Myspace’s measurement tells Billboard the company has been disputing with Comscore over its censor and measurement of mobile, but those internal figures are nevertheless impressive for a company who was sold to Specific Media for just $35 million in 2011 after a $580 acquisition by News Corp. in 2005.