Pulselocker, a new music subscription service aimed at working DJs (the company refers to their target demographic as "prosumers") that was launched in beta last November, has made two announcements: First, t its service will be made available via HTML5 -- meaning the platform will require only that a customer be online and using one of the many HTML5-enabled web browsers in order to browse its catalog. And secondly, the company has signed a licensing agreement with Merlin, the Amsterdam-based global rights agency which represents over 20,000 labels and distributors.

Pulselocker's interface

Pulselocker's service allows customers to use songs they've added to their "locker" -- a set number of songs customers are allowed to store locally for offline use, the amount of which is determined by a tiered subscription system which starts at $9.99 for a 25-track locker and goes up to $59.99 for 1000 tracks -- on various programs popular with working DJs, such as Serato Scratch Live, Traktor, djay, etc.  As CEO Ben Harris put it in a statement: "You have the freedom to stream and DJ your favorite styles of music offline on popular DJ applications. And when you find the music you love, you can easily buy it from our web store with one click."

As tech news site The Verge explained around the time of the services beta launch last winter, Pulselocker offers copyright holders three tiers of possible remuneration for their work; streams, "rents" (when customers choose to hold a song in their locker) or purchasing the music outright.

The new service will launch tomorrow afternoon (Aug. 6).