Biz Poll: How Best Today To Deal With Music Piracy?

While the ongoing piracy debate is far less pitched these days then it was in years’ past, several recent developments over the last few weeks made us wonder where popular sentiment currently lies with regard to copyright infringement.
Last week, France pulled the plug on Hadopi, the country's 2009 three-strikes anti-piracy initiative which was deemed ineffective. On this side of the pond, the hefty infringement fine imposed on Joel Tenenbaum – ordered in 2009 by a jury to pay $675,000 for illegally downloading and sharing 30 songs online – was upheld last week by the First Circuit Court of Appeals. Also recently, Japan received attention for its massive music market, which could surpass the U.S. as the globe’s No. 1 music market in coming years. One reason attributed to the country's strong music sales is the low rate of illegal downloading and a strict copyright infringement policy instituted late last year with stiff fines and possible jail time for piracy.

All of which begs this week's polling question: In this ever-changing music market, with increasingly more free and paid streaming options, internet radio, one-click downloads, brand giveaways and more, how do you believe illegal piracy should best be dealt with?  

As always, feel free to expound upon your vote in our comments section -- especially if you don't see your take on music piracy among the choices. And for last week's Biz Poll results on the mid-year, go here.