Pandora Announces 100-Model Car Integration Milestone

Pandora, the embattled, emboldened digital radio company which serves up north of a billion listening hours to 70.8 million listeners per month, announced a milestone in its automobile strategy today, saying it is now available in over 100 different car models. In a statement the company estimated that one-third of new cars sold this year would have the service pre-installed.

Pandora's expansion into the car market has evolved rapidly; as recently as January the company was announcing its new partnership with Chrysler.

As Billboard's Glenn Peoples explained around that time, the listening hours available to car-integrated digital services are vast, with only 17% of phone owners using their devices to stream digital radio in their cars -- the assumption being, of course, that car integration would see usage increase dramatically. As Pandora's CMO Simon Fleming-Wood wrote in a statement: "We're thrilled that millions of people are enjoying Pandora through these integrations, which make listening to personalized internet radio as easy as AM/FM radio."