Anghami, Middle East Music Streaming App, Reaches 2 Million Downloads

Middle Eastern music streaming application Anghami has just crossed the two million download mark, according to a release sent out by the Lebanon-based company..

Launched in 2012, the service is a mobile-only music application targeting markets in the Middle East and North Africa. The region does not yet have a strong music streaming presence -- Spotify is not yet available and French-based Deezer only recently expanded to the region and can be found in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Algeria and Egypt among other countries. Anghami hopes to become the leading streaming service in the region.

The company has signed licensing deals with a number of major Middle Eastern labels, including Rotana, Platinum Records, Mazzika, and Melody. They also have deals with international labels, including the three majors Universal, Sony and Warner. The application offers the full contents of its library to users in the Middle East-North Africa region, but limits users outside the region to only Arabic songs.

Since its release, the service has climbed to the top of the app store charts as the No. 1 music application in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. The company has also partnered with the Middle East Broadcasting Center to promote Anghami in popular Arabic television shows.

To celebrate the two million download milestone, the company released a revamped iPhone and Android app with new features aimed to enhance music listening and discovery.

The service is currently available in a free, ad-supported version that gives users limited listening hours and a paid version with unlimited listening and offline play.