IDC Increases Tablet Forecast for 2013, a Boon for Digital Music Companies

Technology market research firm IDC has increased its tablet forecast for 2013 to 229 million units, a 59% increase over 2012. IDC believes tablet shipments will exceed those of portable PCs this year and the entire PC market by 2015.
That's good news for some of the biggest players in music. Apple’s iPad had the top company share in the first quarter with 40%, down from 58% a year earlier, according to IDC. Amazon's fourth-best tablet share of 4% was half its share in the prior-year period. Behind Amazon were Samsung (18%, up from 11%) and ASUS (6%, up from 3%). Microsoft was fifth with 2%; its Surface tablets debuted in October. Google’s Android operating system -- Amazon tablets run a modified version of Android -- had a 57% share across multiple manufacturers.

"Tablets surpassing portables in 2013, and total PCs in 2015, marks a significant change in consumer attitudes about compute devices and the applications and ecosystems that power them,” said Ryan Reith, Program Manager for IDC’s Mobility Trackers. “IDC continues to believe that PCs will have an important role in this new era of computing, especially among business users. But for many consumers, a tablet is a simple and elegant solution for core use cases that were previously addressed by the PC."

Gains in tablet shipments have been coming from the low-priced Android devices. Those tablets are expected to pull down this year’s average price by 11% to $381. The average PC value is forecast to be $635 this year. IDC had previously forecast a nearly 8% decline in PC shipments this year.
The PC has lost some momentum because of the so-called "bring your own device" phenomenon. Nearly 25% of employees in companies with more than 10 people have purchased their primary work computer. IDC believes this trend will mean some expected corporate PC purchases will not happen this year.  

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