Founded by artist manager Stephanie LaFera and Billboard contributor Kerri Mason, SkyLight will seek to support aspiring female entrepreneurs, set on working within dance music, by providing connections to a mentorship program, networking opportunities, and fostering a community of like-minded beginners and veterans alike.

The new organization has plans to "launch" itself by sending three successful applicants to EDMBiz and Electric Daisy Carnival, where they will be paired with a mentor for the week. Applicants can apply at the organization's website, which is accepting submissions for the pilot program until May 31.

Speaking to Australian dance music website inthemix, LaFera explained that the project began when she and three others were the only female names on a 50-person "power list." Mason continued: "There’s a time when you’re sitting in a VIP area, maybe because you’re there writing a story or maybe because you’re there handling an artist who’s playing, and there are club dancers on one side and girls hanging out in the DJ both on the other, and you think: ‘Who am I supposed to be here?'" Hopefully, with Mason and LaFera's help, a new generation of female executives will have an easy answer to that question.