The folks at music industry data analytics provider MusicMetric have released an infographic that details which artists posted the biggest gains and profiles some of the SXSW week’s top moments.
Since The 20/20 Experience was pre-released via iTunes streaming the week of the music portion of SXSW (and was subsequently released to a No. 1 Billboard 200 debut), it’s no surprise that Justin Timberlake tops the leaderboard for the most fans acquired in the two weeks following SXSW, as he was arguably the biggest artist to take the stage. Because of Timberlake’s broader appeal and national advertising campaign centered around the album’s release, Twitter volume during his SXSW showcase was one of the lowest for him during the week as events outside of his SXSW performance caused more online buzz.
The relative volume of Twitter activity during Justin Timberlake’s SXSW showcase stands in contrast to Kendrick Lamar, whose Twitter mentions for the week spiked during his performance at over 300 mentions in 5 minutes. He placed 8th overall in fans acquired during the two weeks that followed the event.
But it wasn’t just performances that drove the conversation. For Deadmau5, the peak volume of Twitter mentions was driven by his panel discussion on March 16 which received over 256 Tweets per minute.

Rapper Angel Haze arguably experienced the largest relative lift in fan base resulting from her South By exposure as she received a 400% increase in fan acquisition in the two weeks that followed. ZZ Ward (254%) and Waxahatchee (195%) also post impressive gains that are well over the average increase of 28% experienced by all artists across the board.