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3/17/13 & 3/18/13 - Day 10 and 11

SXSW slowly closes out, but not without a bang. With a little purple rain, Austin got it's last taste of the festival with performances from both Prince and A Tribe Called Quest. But of course.. not everyone could attend:

But for those who could attend.. they received the treat of not 1.. not 2.. but 6 encores from Prince:

But don't worry if you couldn't attend, Gothamist has got you covered:

Solange ends SXSW without a paddle:

Deadmau5 shows us his fun time at Sonos Studio:

If you can't take the SXSW heat, well.. maybe it's time to get out of the sound booth:

But what would SXSW be without all of your input? Throughout this experience, BillboardBiz had you send in your instagram images:

3/16/13 - Day 9

Monster Products hangs out with Pharrell:

Diddy stayin' hydrated at SXSW:

Questlove is stoked on a once in a lifetime show:

Usher gets a taste of SXSW culture:

Stevie Nicks gives us some deets on the upcoming Fleetwood Mac tour:

Green Day is back!

Also, Tre Cool makes a stop at Jimmy Johns:

Oh... and he showed up at JB's party too:

This startup's best -second pitch at SXSW according to Mashable:

br> Jake Fogelnest fills us in on what's hot at SXSW:


3/15/13 - Day 8

Depeche Mode takes the mic again:

Billy Corgan and Matt Sorum just being normal concert-goers:

Also, Depeche Mode's set:

Glassnote's behind the scene's pic of on air streaming:

Spotify, Rdio, and Xbox Music Panel:

A Tribe Called Quest Confirmed!

Dave was mackin' on Stevie!?

Uber to expand after great experience at SXSW:

Entrepreneur's 4 Trends for the Younger Generation at SXSW:

Tell us how you really feel, Superchunk:

So many food choices, so little time!


Scooter Braun shows us his reggae side:


PureVolume is taking it easy at SXSW via pedicab:

Chuck Olsen having fun in the sun with Jim James:

Mashable gives us the 17 best Vine posts from SXSW so far:

Rena G., Swarvosky's head of social media, is loving the free food and Flaming Lips:

Skype gives us a peek of their lounge room:


3/14/13 - Day 7

Samsung releases image of the new Galaxy S4:

Charles Bradley spreads the love:


Dave Grohl, Stevie Nicks, and Co. rock out:



Solange tears the stage down to Losin' You:

Tegan and Sara praise HAIM:

Clive Davis took some time out for book signing:

Mashable had users give us the low down on all that SXSW swagger we're missing out on:

Warner Music Group and Atlas Genius giving us a sneak peak of what's going on at the Nikon Warner Sound:

Guess some people didn't get the memo:

Moog gives us a taste of Flying Lotus's set:

Wayne Coyne answering questions pre-performance:

Ultra's view of a sea of glowsticks:


Amanda Palmer shows us what she's up to in between speaking at SXSW:

 PSFK shows us the highlights of SXSW via a Vine conglomerate:


The Thermals rocking out at SPIN's stage:

Check out keynote speaker Dave Grohl's speech from today:

The Mohawk Austin gives us a glimpse of Iggy's set yesterday:

3/13/13 - Day 6

Daft Punk playing SXSW? Dancing Astronaut gives us the scoop of rumors at SXSW:

Elektra's Jeff Castelaz big-ups our coverage:

Pepsi's Bozoma Saint John, one of Billboard's Women in Music honorees, sums up the chaos of SXSW nicely here:

The Windish Agency, which must be overwhelmed with shows at SXSW, celebrates Vitalic's 'Stamina' being crowned 'Best Music Video' at this year's SXSW Short Film Jury Awards in Austin, Texas.


Glassnote shows us the electric bike.. electric slide style:

Pandora's CTO Tom Conrad sits down for one-on-one panel with TechCrunch's MG Sielger:

Filter Magazine hangs out with Usher:

New Pope? No problem. Spinner cues us in on who the REAL secret performance is at their headliner tonight:

Time sends their best wishes to those not on the ground at Austin with free music:

Major Foodporn.. Texas knows how to eat:

MarketingCloud puts motivation into the crowd:

Omar Gallaga of CNN gives us the rundown on all the SXSW Interactive Award winners:

Tom Spano, Events Manager for Twitter, with an awesome Vine of Lotus from a backstage P.O.V:


Samsung is offering Galaxy battery delievery at SXSW:

Warner Bros. Records keeping us up to date on who's up at Warner Sound stage:

Thurston Moore shows off new band at SXSW:

Ben Finklea, CEO of Volacci, shows us the coolest kid in Austin to date:

Jared Leto Vine-ception!

Sono's shows off their stage and Kat Von D via their tumblr:

The music branding panel featuring Pepsi and Nike:

Looks like the secrets out, Myspace..

VEVO shows us a peek of HAIM's performance last night:

Atlantic's glimpse of the crowd at Nikon Warner Sound:

We're hosting a Google Hangout of what's hot @ SXSW. Check it out!

Time gives us some noteable Tech Highlights so far at SXSW:


Dan Reilly of Spinner gives us a quick glimpse of the Japandroids show last night

Congrats to SoundCloud on their Community Award!

Luxury Mindz holding it down over at Fader Fort / Sono's Studio's with Passion Pit:

Speaking of Fader, last night Matt and Kim had they time of their life rocking out at Converse's Fader Fort:

Sysomos fills us in on who runs the Twitterverse during SXSW.. that answer is:

Eric Davich, co-founder of Songza, shows us his supersized panel nametag. Like they say, everything is much bigger in Texas:

Universal Music Group gives an excellent panoramic view of Bajofondo's first performance in Austin:

Forbe's best moments so far at SXSW include Arrested Development's Jeffrey Tambor, Leap Motion's Andy Miller, and many more:

3/12/13 - Day 5

Wondering if NPR’s Laura Sydell is thinking of starting her own label:

Charli XCX prepped with some spice girls pre-performance at The Warner Sound party:

Pledge Music’s Benjy Rogers arrives:

FUSE TV’s Liana Huth raves about their SXSW digs:

Still at home with no way to Austin? Watch online!

Kaitlyn Reed, queen of all things SXSW, dropped in to watch Solange at Arlyn Studio:

Ryan Lewis and Macklemore at iHeartRadio SXSW:

A lot of tech buzz around Google Shoe today! CNN gives a brief view of what exactly it is:

Warner gives us a behind-the-scenes sound check shot prior to Icona Pop's performance tonight:

Even Discovery and Deadliest Catch are throwing down at SXSW:

However, they took some time out before their long night of performing to chat with some fans with ooVoo:

More announcements for Google's Glass project:

Hayley from Paramore wants to make sure she's in the right place, even in the afterlife:


Spotify has some good news for SXSW attendees:

Popsugar keeps us up-to-date on what's happening at iHeartRadio's SXSW Party:

Bill Werde is in favor Google Glass:


Joshua Topolsky, Editor-in-Chief of The Verge, has his thoughts all mapped out at SXSW:

Good news from Kim Dot Com and team:

The harlem shake has traveled all the way to Austin and is now invading drones?!

Bill Werde on the Nielsen SXSW Talk:

Ladies and Gentleman, Nick Cave has arrived:

And an interesting little tidbit from the talk with Nick Cave:

And just in case you missed Passion Pit's performance last night..

3D Printing seems to be all the rage this year at SXSW:

Rolling Stone gives their opinion on who to watch this year at SXSW:


3/11/13 - Day 4

Looks like Beats By Dre ‘s is doling out "Pills" as a promotion

Check out this cool dataviz of Foursquare check-ins during the Hurricane Sandy black out presented during Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley’s keynote today.

Legendary music man Clive Davis tweeted out today that our editorial director Bill Werde will be interviewing him at SXSW on Thursday:


The Onion always chiming in with the cold, hard facts:

Radio Personality and Comedian Jake Fogelnest doesn't want to overhype himself, but...

Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy endorses iHeartAustin:

Almost too much funny and greatness in this picture to handle. Youtube promotes it's new comedy channel:

Ian Somerhalder took time to promote interactivity at SXSW for the CW:

Gillian Jacobs of Community deals with the neverending struggle of another day at SXSW: a place to charge your phone:

The Weather Channel and Weather Underground took some time out at SXSW to hold a climate panel with CEO David Kenny, Adrian Grenier, and Dr. Jeff Masters:

Selena Gomez and Spring Breaker's Crew sporting huge do's and duck lips for their panel at SXSW:

However, it just wouldn't be the perfect panel without some karaoke!

But where would the movies portion of SXSW be without Wes Craven making his arrival? Ladies and gents, he's ready:

Pete Cashmore, CEO of Mashable, unveiled The Social Lift Unit that supposedly even Grumpy Cat is campaigning for:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is at SXSW promoting his movie Don Jon. However, he found time to sneak in a picture with Tony Danza during their lunch break:

Journalist David Carr shows us how to get rowdy and maybe into some trouble at SXSW:

Funny or Die, always bringing the Funny. Here's the explaination they gave to about living room environment this morning:

Actress Sophia Bush and Passion Pit's Michael Angelakos snag a picture before Passion Pit's performance tonight in Austin! Remember that girl in the Carried Away video?

Speaking of the show that Taco Bell is hosting tonight... They're taking time to create rockumentary from everyone's contributions at SXSW and around the world!

Padma Warrior, CSO & CTO of Cisco; Troy Carter, CEO of Atom Factory; and Robert Safian, editor of Fast Company, discuss Generation Flux at SXSW Interactive:

(Photo Courtesy of: Andrew Hampp)

Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne’s plans for tonight:

Even Kim Dotcom will be on this year’s SXSW program (look for our report later):

Former NPR intern Emily White (who wrote a recent guest post for us here) has some words of SXSW wisdom:

Also, The seemingly-ubiquitous Shaq continues to randomly fill our feed:

3/10/13 - Day 3


Usual Sunday morning in Austin – just a woman hula-hooping across the street….



MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow gave a talk today that seemed to inspire many, including the New York Times’ Brian Stelter. 


Musings on Shaq's SXSWi appearance may have best been summed up by Live Nation's VP of product Ethan Kaplan:


Favorite completely unsubstantied rumor of the day comes courtesty of John Raso’s VP, Client Services at the Harry Fox Agency


Harmony Korine’s “Spring Breakers” played with a Q&A featuring the cast with James Franco and Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hugeons – here’s some video footage from the red carpet.



“Punk Singer” doc on Kathleen Hanna of Le Tigre, Bikini Kill and Julia Ruin screened with a Q&A as well:



And Jane’s Addiction played.





3/9/13 - Day 2

Day two's social media hilights include Al Gore's conversation with ATD's Walt Mossberg, Scooter Braun spotting, a Vine tour of the Klout house, inclement weather and the fight to keep Austin weird continues...

Julie Pilat, one of Billboard's 2012 Women in Music honorees notes the rise in mobile commerce.


Weird/creepy swag alert:


Al Gore's interview was the big topic of this afternoon, here Billboard's Reggie Ugwu and Wall Street Journal tech reporter Katie Boehret take note.


What's your score? The SXSW Klout house: HERE




 NYU Clive Davis School of Music faculty member Jeff Rabhan re-posted a Facebook picture of this Austin Motel sign calling it like it is...


Even Scooter Braun, he of Bieber management and School Boy Records fame (and Billboard Power 100 honoree), runs into friends and colleagues like Shervin Pishevar and Travis Kalanick at Southby:


An approaching storm seemed to put a damper on some of the festivities last night:


Thankfully, there's still many Austinites who heed the's city call to arms: Keep Austin Weird!





3/8/13 - Day 1

It's arrival day at SXSW! Post-flight arrivals and badge pick-up, as things began to "start-up." The interactive portion of SXSW kicked off the ten-day festival with panels on everything from mobile media to building software. Some keynote speakers of the day: Tim Reis of Google, National Geographic's Tim Silva, Andy Cohen of Bravo, and Rose Gottemoeller from the U.S. Department of State.

Social Media Highlights of the Day

The Party Is Just Beginning:

Famous Faces:

Grumpy Cat even made an appearance!
Image courtesy of sarababs on Instagram

Panels and Discussions:


The Food: Everything is Bigger and Better in Texas

Instagram user Jennanawb shows off her Torchy’s Tacos:

marceljepson on Instagram: @oreo thanks for the phone charger and cookies! (That's two of the best gifts any SXSW goer could as for in one box)

Instagram User zachtimm: Totally mood in Saigon @wickedlitchen

There are even robots creating a buzz! Caffeine buzz, that is.


Daft Punk continues to employ their un-articulated marketing campaign for their new album (which we hear is out in Spring on Columbia and has collabs with Nile Rodgers, Giorgio Moroder and possibly Panda Bear) on 6th Street

(Images and Video Courtesy of Users on Twitter, Instagram, and Vine; Thanks to Livefyre for feed and hashtag finds!)