Sony Entertainment's Music Unlimited Service Now Live in Mexico

Sony Entertainment Network’s Music Unlimited Service, available in 18 countries across the world, has expanded its service to Mexico, the company announced today.

Originally launched in 2010, the service offers on-demand access to a catalog of over 18 million licensed tracks across several devices including Sony’s PlayStation platforms as well as iPhone’s, Android smartphones and tablets, PC’s, and more.

“We know music fans in Mexico have been waiting for our subscription service for some time, so we’re thrilled to bring them the Music Unlimited service,” said Michael Aragon in a statement.

Japans Leaps Forward in Digital Music with Sony's Music Unlimited Service

The Music Unlimited Service, is a cloud-based streaming service with an offline playback feature and no advertisements. Customers can listen to music from their libraries, personal playlists, or pre-programmed channels without the having to sync or sign into multiple accounts. The service is available at $4.49 for Sony's Through the Access subscription and $8.99 for premium subscription.

Recent countries to go live with Sony's Music Unlimited Service include Belgium, Netherlands, and Japan.

Sony is working in conjunction with Omnifone to license music rights with rights holders in other countries to expand their service further in the future.