Half of the SiriusXM lawsuit alleging antitrust violations on the part of Sound Exchange and A2IM was settled yesterday.

The complaint against the independent trade association was dismissed when Judge Thomas P. Griesa signed a stipulation agreement between the satellite radio station and A2IM on how the trade group can act when discussing Sirius with its membership.

According to court documents, the "defendant A2IM expressly disclaims any liability or wrongdoing of any kind, and is entering into this Stipulation and Settlement solely to avoid additional expenses of litigation and without admitting or acknowledging any liability whatsoever."

The stipulation also confirms the trade organization's ability to speak freely and make recommendations to its member on business issues. Sound Exchange's motion to dismiss the lawsuit is still before the Judge.

Sirius XM had alleged, in a suit filed in the U.S. Southern District of New York Court,  that when it tried to do direct licensing with independent labels to obtain lower royalty fees than the statuatory rate, that Sound Exchange and A2IM were acting in concert to block its pricing strategy.

Reps for SiriusXM had not responded to Billboard.biz's request for comment at press time.