Lorde on Topping Hot 100: It's 'Like My Birthday, Christmas, Washing My Hair After a Month'

Hey, Lorde, you've just topped the Billboard Hot 100 with "Royals." How does it feel?

"It feels like a combination of my birthday, Christmas and washing my hair after a month of not doing so," Lorde beamed to Billboard exclusively upon learning of her coronation. "[I'm] very, very grateful for everyone's love and kind words."

As previously reported, the New Zealand teen crowns the Hot 100 with her breakthrough U.S. hit. Click here for all details of the song's ascent to the top of the Hot 100, as well as its continued domination of multiple format charts.

Lorde should have more reasons to celebrate chart success next week. Her debut full-length album "Pure Heroine" was released on Monday (Sept. 30) and is set for a likely No. 3 launch on next week's Billboard 200, highlights of which will post on Billboard next Wednesday (Oct. 9).
Additional reporting by Silvio Pietroluongo