Record Store Day Selects Red Bull Sound Select As Official Partner

In its seventh year, Record Store Day will have a sponsored partner in Red Bull Sound Select, the emerging artist platform launched by the music-oriented energy drink brand. On Record Store Day, April 19, RBSS will release its first 7” (edition of 10,000) featuring four new artists at 500 independent record stores around the country. The four artists chosen are Tapioca and the Flea, Bagheera, Denitia & Sene and Thurz.

In addition to the 7”, RBSS will sponsor co-branded live shows with Record Store Day and continue to release and promote new music via independent record stores throughout the year.

“This gives us access to great talent as chosen by their community, and brings them into the record store where we can present them to our community,” said Record Store Day co-founder Michael Kurtz in a statement.

See the full track list of the 7” and read our short Q&A with Red Bull National Culture Marketing Manager Stephen Canfield below.

“Divided” Presented by Red Bull Sound Select

Side A:
Tapioca and the Flea: "Take it Slow" (Produced by Ethan Kath of Crystal Castles)
Bagheera: "Say Anything" (Produced by Twin Shadow)

Side AA:
Denitia and Sene: "Divided" (Produced by Christian Rich)
Thurz: "High Castle" (Produced by Christian Rich)

Billboard: Why partner with Record Store Day? What makes it important?
Canfield: With Red Bull Sound Select, we want to develop artists in new ways and collaborate with a group of partners that think a bit differently to help us do it. Record Store Day aligns perfectly with both. For emerging artists like the ones we work with, it's a unique chance to get in front of millions of people that actively support their local music communities. Those communities, almost all of which are centered around a record store in some capacity, are a fundamental piece in developing great artists. Record Store Day has found a way to be relevant locally and impactful nationwide, which presents an awesome opportunity for Red Bull Sound Select artists.

Besides the 7", are there any other implications for the partnership?
We're building this as a long-term partnership that will go well beyond April 19th with live shows, exclusive releases, and unique opportunities to promote new music. Everything we do will be focused on helping great emerging artists reach people that should hear them, in their own communities and across the country.

How did the partnership come together? Who approached who and when?
It's a small industry as we all know, so a conversation started naturally in late 2013. From the first time we spoke, it was clear we wanted to accomplish the same things in bringing more emerging artists to Record Store Day. Both sides were set on keeping things organic and focusing on the artists more than anything else, which made things easy. They've been great to work with and we're excited to do more.

Who curated the artists for the 7"? Why these four?
We think that doing something impactful starts with simply getting the right people in the room, and for that reason we've partnered with 40+ curators that are helping us to build Red Bull Sound Select. They've selected all 200 artists we're working with, book and promote shows with those artists in 15 markets every month, and everyone involved combines their collective assets to find new ways to develop talent from the ground up. These four artists not only got the nod from curators like Filter Magazine and others in that group, they're also working hard, creating great music, and setting themselves up for meaningful careers. Thankfully a longer term partnership means this is just one opportunity we'll have, and we can integrate more artists as the relationship develops.