Billboard 2013 Women in Music Honorees Name Their Desert Island Discs

Desert Island Disc: Adele's "21"

“Adele’s `21.’  The songs on the album are fabulous, her vocal is just perfect and the production is so beautifully understated that the songs just come through, wonderfully, so it is a total package,”
Linda Newmark
Executive VP/head of acquisitions and strategic projects, Universal Music Publishing Group


Desert Island Disc: Dusty Springfield's "Dusty in Memphis" and Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood "Some Velvet Morning" 

“It’s a toss up. Dusty Springfield’s `Dusty in Memphis,’ one of the most beautiful albums ever, or Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood [Nancy & Lee] with ‘Some Velvet Morning’ with ‘Jackson’ on it. I return to those over and over because they always sound fresh to me.”
Alexandra Patsavas
Owner, Chop Shop Music Group


Desert Island Disc: Led Zeppelin's "Houses of the Holy"

“Led Zeppelin’s `Houses of the Holy.’ It has been my favorite album since I was a teenager and reminds me why I am still in this crazy business...because I love music.”
Marcie Allen
President, MAC Presents


Desert Island Disc: Shelby Lynne's "Just a Little Lovin'"
“Shelby Lynne has an amazing album of Dusty Springfield covers called ‘Just a Little Lovin.’  There’s so much soul and emotion on that album.”
Zahavah Levine
Director of global music partnerships, Google Play/Android


Desert Island Disc: OutKast's "Atliens"

OutKast’s `ATLiens.’ It reminds me of home, and creatively pushed boundaries. On a desert island, that’s all I would need: a little nostalgia and inspiration.”
Ethiopia Habtemariam
Executive VP/head of urban, Universal Music Publishing Group; senior VP, Motown Records


Desert Island Disc: Pink's "Can't Take Me Home"

“Pink’s first album ["Can't Take Me Home"]. Love Pink. Because she rocks. She’s a superstar female empowered. I love her music, I love what she sigs about. And the other one would be---anything by Marc Anthony.”
Diana Mogollón
Executive VP/GM, mun2


Desert Island "Disc:" A Homemade Mixtape

 “A homemade mixtape. I have so many friends and family who are playing, creating, sharing and living music all the time. My most cherished recording is a mixtape of favorite moments from living rooms and porches, where you never know what’s going to happen.”
Anya Grundmann
Director/executive producer
NPR Music

Desert Island Disc: The Cure’s "Disintegration"

“[The album] I cannot live without is The Cure’s ‘Disintegration.’ This album helped shape my entire musical being and it is a part of me.  To this day it holds up and contains some of my favorite songs of all time.”
Lisa Worden
Assistant PD/music director
KROQ Los Angeles, CBS Radio30

Desert Island Disc: Keith Urban's "Fuse"

“Keith Urban’s `Fuse.’ I cannot stop listening to that album. I can sing the entire album. I personally purchased 42 copies of it and have given them to people that I was afraid would miss it. I don’t think there’s a song on there that’s not a single.  It’s the best record. It’s so deep and it’s taking Keith in all these directions I didn’t even know he could go. It’s really cool to be 12 years into a relationship with an artist and have them just knock your socks off. That’s pretty unusual.”
Mary Ann McCready
Flood Bumstead McCready & McCarthy


Desert Island Disc: Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run"

“Bruce Springsteen, `Born to Run.’ It takes me back to when I was learning to drive and how exciting it was to get in the car and have that music blasting, and just feeling like I can go anywhere. I’m free.”
Amy Doyle
Executive VP of music and talent strategy, MTV Brands


Desert Island Disc: Stevie Wonder's "Innervision"

“Stevie Wonder’s `Innervision.  Because Stevie Wonder is a God and I would want God with me on that island"!
Kathy Spanberger
President/COO of the Anglo-American region, peermusic

Desert Island Disc: Eagles' "Eagles Live"

“I would take `Eagles Live.’ It reminds me of my childhood, and my mom, who brought me up listening to the Eagles. I recently saw them live in concert for the first time with my mom (and my future daughter in my belly). It was one of those shared experiences that I will never forget.”
Deborah Curtis
VP of sports and entertainment, American Express


Desert Island Disc: U2's "Achtung Baby"

“U2, `Achtung Baby.’ It reminds me of great friends. One of the best things about music is it can take you to a totally different place.”
Molly Peck
Director of advertising and sales promotions


Desert Island Disc: Rolling Stones' "Sticky Fingers"

“As a huge fan of Mick Jagger, my desert island disc would be ‘Sticky Fingers’ by the Rolling Stones. It’s mixture of rock and soul still stands to me today as one of the greatest albums of all time.”
Orly Adelson
President, ITV Studios America


Desert Island Disc: John Mayer's "Continuum" 

"John Mayer’s `Continuum.’ It’s one of my favorites and I would want something with good solid music that reminds me of the music my parents played for me growing up: Steely Dan, the Doobie Brothers. I’d be heartbroken [on that island], too, and this would fit the mood.”
Allison Kaye
GM, SB Projects

Desert Island Disc: Liz Phair's "Exile in Guyville"

“Liz Phair’s `Exile in Guyville.’ I’ve listened to that record endlessly and think I’ve owned it in three different formats. Every time I hear it, it takes me back to Chicago 1993.”
Kate Des Enfants McMahon
VP/senior director of marketing, The Messina Group/AEG Live


Desert Island Disc: Blondie's "Eat to the Beat"

“Blondie, `Eat to the Beat.’ This album always feels fresh to me. It has many different moods so there is always something that’s right for whatever state of mind/emotion you may be in. Plus, Debbie Harry is a goddess.”
Mika  El-Baz
Executive VP of publicity, RCA Records