Weird Merch: Slayer Eyewear Available in Matte and Blood

It's not often that we here at let our hair down -- we keep our mullets up in a bun between 9 and 5, just like you -- but it's important to keep in mind that this business of music is, more often than not, about enjoyment as much as it is about streaming royalty rates and worldwide publishing deals. In that spirit we present to you "Weird Merch," a new column detailing precisely that. Enjoy.

"We think fans are going to love this exciting new way to live the Slayer experience," said Sony Music Entertainment's VP of New Products and Services over three years ago, when Slayer's iPhone pinball game was released. Ten months ago, the band made further headlines with their Christmas sweater (although frankly we prefer the Motörhead version). Continuing that fine tradition of merchandising comes eyewear company Arnette's line of Slayer eyewear for the street and the mountain, as shown above. Protect your iPhone and your eyes whilst playing pinball and guzzling Yukon Jack and Coca-Cola from your "Reign In Blood" Bottles before the weather turns -- although come to think of it, the weather is of no consequence since you'll be so cozily wrapped in 100% acrylic evil (please keep away from flames of any kind).