Bob Dylan Bootlegs App Offers Mobile Experience for the Bard's Superfans

Columbia Records and Bob Dylan management have teamed up with relentlessGENERATOR, a division of Sony DADC, to create and launch the Bob Dylan Bootleg Series mobile application. The app, available today for the iOS via the app store, offers a one of a kind immersive Bob Dylan music discovery experience geared for the Bob Dylan superfan.
"Using the latest in media technology, we were able to bring the music and the artist to life in a truly tangible and personal environment.” said Christian Schraga, VP of Digital Marketing for Columbia Records in a statement.  “It was about adding new dimension to a familiar icon by creating innovative digital experiences that engage fans of all generations.”

Bob Dylan Bootlegs is a new take on the now-familiar album-app format. It’s more of a companion app than a standalone; from within the app users can sync their iTunes library to unlock information on the songs that they own.
The application features visual timelines of each track, including in-depth biographies with context showing the events that impacted Dylan’s music, exclusive photo and video galleries, and interactive lyrics and track details. The app comes with one pre-loaded song, and users can use the app to unlock all 36 songs from Vol. 10 of Dylan’s Bootleg series, including the live “Isle of Wight” performance from the album "Another Self Portrait."
"Bob Dylan's Bootleg app breathes new life into the long-standing, critically acclaimed Bootleg Series,” said David Navarrete, executive producer at relentlessGENERATOR. “By providing an interactive, hands-on experience, fans are further incentivized to purchase the digital album -- thereby unlocking the app and its treasure trove of content."