Biz Poll: Which Major News Story Will Most Impact the Music Business' Future?

This time of year, the news cycle seems to shift into a head-spinning hyperspeed. In the last few days alone, Apple launched iTunes Radio and new iPhones; Twitter filed for an IPO; WMG and Clear Channel announced a groundbreaking deal; Vivendi is looking at spinning off its media/music holdngs-- including Universal Music Group; Pandora named Brian McAndrews its new CEO; the major labels sued SiriusXM for allegedly not paying artist performance royalties on pre-1972 recordings; and MSG floated the sale of its Fuse channel a week after announcing a $300 million joint venture with Irving Azoff.

Some of these events augur what could be a tectonic plate shift within our industry with long-term repercussions; others may prove insignificant and barely move the impact needle. What we’d like to know from you, Biz reader, is which of the following current events will have the greatest impact on the future of the music business? Please feel free to elaborate on your response in the comments section below.

Thank you for your participation.