Rob Stone and Jon Cohen, founding partners of music branding agency Cornerstone, have been coming to festivals like Lollapalooza over the years as fans as well as official partners via branded pop-up The Fader Fort, which has been coming to South By Southwest for 13 years and CMJ for 5. But look for the Fader to get its own dedicated festival in the not-so-distant future.

"Without a doubt, a Fader Festival or Fader Fort in some iteration is coming really soon," Stone told Billboard in a backstage interview at Lollapalooza. "Probably really soon, so we're really excited about that."

Cohen added no official date has been set, but "you can expect to hear from us next year. It'll be everything you've grown to know and love about what we do in Austin, Texas, and we're gonna try to take that to another level."

Cornerstone and Fader have been kept busy in recent months with clients like Converse (free Rubber Tracks pop-up studios have been appearing in markets like San Francisco and Amsterdam, with Boston on the way), Mountain Dew (music imprint Green Label Sound is exploring new partnerships in country) and Vitamin Water, whose Uncapped concert with Solange at a laundromat last week garnered "some of the most media we've ever seen in a campaign," Cohen says.

Check out the above Lollapalooza Q&A for more of Stone and Cohen's thoughts on the impact of Samsung and Jay Z's Magna Carta...Holy Grail deal, upcoming Fader label projects (Matt & Kim's "Lightning" remix album) and also recent signings (The Bots, Saul Williams).