The CW Television Network and Clear Channel are teaming up for TV broadcasts of four Clear Channel event franchises, including the IHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas this September and the Jingle Ball concert series in November and December. The CW made the announcement at its upfront presentation Thursday morning.
The multi-year partnership begins July 15, when The CW will broadcast highlights from The iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party, which takes place June 29- 30 in Miami. An airdate for a two-day special from this year’s IHeartRadio Festival will be announced in July, when the artist lineup will also be revealed. The CW had much success with its first airing of an IHeartRadio special last October, when the network achieved its highest ratings in five months with 1.2 million viewers.

Highlights from the 14 Jingle Ball concerts will air in December, while IHeartRadio’s occasional album release parties will air during release week for participating artists. Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake were the inaugural performers for the latter franchise during their respective release weeks.

“This is something I’ve been discussing with Bob Pittman ever since I first came to Clear Channel nearly two years ago,” says John Sykes, president of Clear Channel Enterprises. “Clear Channel is more than just a radio company. We’re creating entertainment events that you’ll be able to listen to on the radio, stream online and now watch on TV. We were impressed by the appreciation [CW president] Mark Pedowitz had for our programming, and are excited to have a multi-tier broadcast partner like the CW working so closely with our entertainment team.”

Sykes added that Clear Channel is also developing two other TV specials for a to-be-determined broadcast partner. “We’re about six months away” from announcing news, he said.

The added TV reach could also be a boost for Clear Channel’s event sponsors, who now have the opportunity to amplify their event partnerships with a TV extension. Macy’s showcased its Rising Star competition with winners Megan & Liz during The CW’s broadcast of IHeartRadio last fall, while Target sponsored The CW’s broadcast of Timberlake’s album release party in March to extend its partnership with the singer.