Backbeat: Billboard/Samsung Galaxy Thought-Leadership Breakfast at Latin Music Conference

Billboard hosted a thought leadership breakfast presented by Samsung Galaxy at the Latin Music Conference. (Photo: Michael Seto)

On Thursday morning during Billboard's Latin Conference, Billboard editorial director Bill Werde and executive director of Latin content Leila Cobo hosted a thought-leadership breakfast, presented by Samsung Galaxy. The group of 20 guests enjoyed a passionate and honest dialogue about how mainstream misunderstandings of the Latin demographic hinder opportunities, Billboard's work in serving the Latin music industry and much more.

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Cobo led the conversation, encouraging those in the room to share their thoughts on how technology and media trends are shaping the landscape of the Latin music business and how Latin America is still a major player in developing new talent.

Thought-Leadership Breakfast Attendees:
Nelson Albareda, President & CEO, Eventus
John Amato, President, Billboard Group
Doug Bachelis, VP, Marketing, Billboard
Henry Cardenas, CEO/Founder, Cardenas Marketing Network
Leila Cobo, Executive Director of Content and Programming For Latin Music and Entertainment, Billboard
John Echevarria, Exec. VP Latin America, Universal Music
Pepe Garza, Founder Arpa Music, Composer, PD KBUE, Los Angeles
Bruno del Granado, Manager, Ricky Martin
Julian Holguin, East Coast Consumer AE, Billboard
Ross Levinsohn, CEO, Guggenheim Digital Media,
Alexandra Lioutikoff, VP Latin Music, ASCAP
Jesus Lopez, Chairman/CEO, Universal Music Latin Publishing Group
Jorge Mejia, EVP, Sony ATV
Delia Orjuela, VP Latin Writer Publisher Relations, BMI
Jorge Pino, VP Music, Venevision
Anton Reixa, President, SGAE
Fernando, Rodriguez, CEO, Terra Networks
Brian Salzman, SVP, 2 Degrees Ventures
Bill Werde, Editorial Director, Billboard

From left: Universal Music Publishing's John Echevarria, Sony ATV's Jorge Mejia, and SGAE president Anton Reixa (Photo: Michael Seto)

Guggenheim Digital Media's Ross Levinsohn (left) 2 Degrees' Brian Salzman (Photo: Michael Seto)


From left: Terra Networks' Fernando Rodriguez; Billboard's Leila Cobo and Bill Werde (Michael Seto)

 From left: Arpa Music/KBUE's Pepe Garza; Universal Music Latin's Jesus Lopez and SGAE's Anton Reixa  (Photo: Michael Seto)


From left: Eventus' Nelson Albareda;  Bruno del Granado, Ricky Martin Manager; and Jorge Meija (photo: Michael Seto)


BMI's Delia Orjuela (Photo: Michael Seto)

From left: Pepe Garza; Venevision's  Jorge Pino; Jorge Mejia; ASCAP's  Alexandra Lioutikoff; and Delia Orjuela (Photo: Michael Seto)


From left: Billboard Group's John Amato; Cardenas Marketing's Henry Cardenas; Leila Cobo (Photo: Michael Seto)
Sharing a Laugh: From left: Alexandra Lioutikoff; Pepe Garza and Jesus Lopez (Photo: Michael Seto)
From left: Billboard's Doug Bachelis,  2 Degrees' Brian Salzman, and Billboard's Julian Holguin (Photo: Michael Seto)