Last year may have been the year of social music for the world’s largest social network, but 2013 will be about social movies, books and fitness, said Dan Rose, vice president of partnerships at Facebook Inc.

“We think this is going to be the year of movies, books and fitness,” Rose said in an interview Tuesday at AllThingsD’s Dive Into Media conference in Dana Point, Calif.

Rose hastened to add that games, music and news continue to “thrive” on Facebook, which last year paid out $2 billion to game developers from revenue generated from selling virtual credits for games played on the platform.

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Rose hinted at how Facebook can help drive audiences further by delivering social feeds by content type, the way it currently separates game posts on Facebook from the main news feeds. As an example, Rose described a theoretical scenario for a dedicated feed for TV shows.

“We choose to watch what our friends told us about rather than” randomly flipping through channels, Rose said. What if viewers could turn on the TV and see a Facebook “feed of all the shows your friends have watched and rated. I don’t know how many years out that may be. . . Facebook’s role is the power of discovery. Most discovery in the world is -- and always has been -- social.”

He did not say whether Facebook will actually develop separate feeds for music, books, movies and other types of entertainment as it currently does for games, which generates several hundred millions of dollars a year in revenue for Facebook.

Such an approach, however, would fit into Facebook’s mantra of being a valuable hub for its 1 billion users, while also having a targeted platform that marketers would pay to advertise on.

“At the end of the day, anybody who is building on our platform wants this to be a long-term sustainable platform for partners,” Rose said. “The only way to create value is to keep newsfeeds interesting.”