Stevie Wonder/ Bud Light Squeaks Past Jimmy Cliff/ Volkswagen for Most-Tweeted Super Bowl Ad: Brand Bowl

stevie wonder super bowl bud light

Not surprisingly, Beyonce was the most-Tweeted artist of Super Bowl 47 by a mile. But the race for most-Tweeted music-related commercial was very close – with Bud Light’s Stevie Wonder-starring ad slipping past Volkswagen and Jimmy Cliff by less than 100 Tweets, as of the 11 p.m. ET cutoff time. Check out all of the music-based ads from the big game right here.

Beyonce Top-Tweeted Artist for Super Bowl 2013 by a Mile: Brand Bowl

Brand Bowl’s 10 Most Tweeted Commercials

1. Bud Light
Superstitious? Bud Light needn’t be when Stevie Wonder helped them score the most Twitter buzz of the night.

 *   86,884 Tweets
 *   +68% Sentiment
 *   68 Score

2. Volkswagen
Nothing like a little controversy to help stir chatter. Volkswagen’s Jamaican-flavored ad, featuring Jimmy Cliff’s “C’mon Get Happy,” was a close second in the most-talked about brand race.

 *   85,916 Tweets
 *   +67% Sentiment
 *   66 Score

3. Audi
Already one of the most-liked ads heading into the game, Audi’s “Prom” scored many fans on Game Night too.

 *   67,731 Tweets
 *   +75% Sentiment
 *   58 Score

4. Calvin Klein
Though its Depeche Mode-lite score earned a few favorable tweets, let’s not kid ourselves about the reason why Calvin Klein’s underwear ad racked up so much discussion.

 *   68,948 Tweets
 *   +70% Sentiment
 *   56 Score

5. Taco Bell
Thanks to “Viva Young,” a Spanish take on fun.’s “We Are Young,” Taco Bell scored a buzz boom.

 *   56,578 Tweets
 *   +81% Sentiment
 *   53 Score

6. Doritos
No major synchs, but Doritos’ Crash the Super Bowl paid off for one of the heaviest pre-Super Bowl social media campaigns.

 *   48,599 Tweets
 *   +78% Sentiment
 *   44 Score

7. Budweiser
Not only did Stevie Nicks’ “Landslide” score the big placement in Budweiser’s Clydesdale ad, but Budweiser Black Crown also featured Soho Dolls’ “Stripper” and Peter Bjorn & John’s “Second Chance.”

 *   50,022 Tweets
 *   +66% Sentiment
 *   38 Score

8. Pepsi
The soda giant aired a middling spot for Pepsi Next, but we’re guessing the majority of its Twitter activity came from its sponsorship of Beyonce’s Half Time performance.

 *   54,748 Tweets
 *   +54% Sentiment
 *   34 Score

9. Hyundai
Not only did Hyundai score the night’s first post-kickoff ad with the Flaming Lips, the automaker also featured Quiet Riot’s “Bang Your Head” in another ad.

 *   33,429 Tweets
 *   +67% Sentiment
 *   26 Score

10. Oreo
No music from Oreo’s humorous spot, but also the night’s fastest, most clever uses of social media to react to the unexpected blackout.

 *   22,330 Tweets
 *   +74% Sentiment
 *   19 Score