Pepsi, Vevo to Spotlight Best New Artists, 'X Factor' Winner Tate Stevens During Grammys

Pepsi, with Pandora and Vevo, have announced a collaboration for the Grammy Awards primarily based around the "Best New Artist" award.
Pepsi, the official presenter of the "Best New Artist" category this year, has teamed with Vevo to produce a video series around the Best New Artists nominees, as well as a "5 Questions With" series of videos with various Grammy nominees that will be available exclusively through Vevo's various distribution platforms, according to a statement released today.
Pepsi also has teamed with Pandora to curate a Pepsi's Best New Artist Pandora "mixtape" that will feature past and current "Best New Artist" nominees. Pepsi and Pandora will unveil genre stations based on Grammy Awards categories such as pop, country, and comedy.
Finally, Pepsi will present a snippet of "X Factor" winner Tate Steven's music video debut in an advertisement set to air during the CBS telecast on Feb. 10th. Last year's "X Factor" winner Melanie Amaro also appeared in a Pepsi commercial during the Super Bowl.

"Our partnerships truly showcase our efforts to introduce and deliver new and exciting fan experiences by utilizing our best-in-class assets and multiple platforms all while delivering great content to music fans around the world," said Pepsi's VP of marketing Angelique Krembs in a statement.
"We were very encouraged by the tremendous amount of fan engagement around lastyear's Best New Artist video series," Evan Greene, chief marketing officer of The Recording Academy, said in a statement. "This exclusive, forward-looking content program helps further connect music fans with some of today's most exciting, relevant artists."