In the grand tradition of the Olsen twins and Disney juggernauts "High School Musical" and "Hannah Montana," a marketing blitz that pushes branded entertainment to the max is on tap for Aly & AJ's new Hollywood Records album, "Insomniatic," due July 10.

The teen siblings, whose real names are Alyson Renae and Amanda Joy Michalka, are also stretching their music. Aly describes the collection as "experimental," with a few songs featuring "piano-driven, wall-of-sound, epic productions." The album marks a "big departure" for the duo, AJ adds, yet retains "flavors" from their debut album, "Into the Rush."

The rhythmic "Potential Breakup Song" is already a hit at Radio Disney and is on its way to top 40 radio.

"For this audience, the more they see something, the better it sticks," Radio Disney VP of programming Robin Jones says. "And this age group likes being in the know and likes fitting in. So, if your friends have the Aly & AJ bracelet, well, you want one, too."

Aly & AJ's new, immediate brand partners include Post Honey-Comb cereal, MTV, Wal-Mart and Samsung. Brands like these are surely responding to the ways Aly & AJ have established strong ties with their audience, as well as to the success of the duo's 2005 set "Into the Rush."

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