With David Beckham's recent arrival stateside to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy, Major League Soccer and sponsor Adidas are hoping to further galvanize fans with team anthems.

Music branding company Rock River Music and digital marketer EVB have produced a campaign called "MLS Represent," in which songs have been commissioned for each of the 13 MLS teams by well-known acts from each city.

Barenaked Ladies have recorded the Toronto FC anthem, Mike Jones is behind the theme for the Houston Dynamo, Mexican rockers Kinky sing the Galaxy track, Bad Brains did DC United's song and OK Go recorded the Chicago Fire's.

The songs, which incorporate existing team chants, are available as free MP3's at www.adidas.com/mls. The site also contains printable lyric sheets and a function that allows fans to create their own music videos using Yahoo's JumpCut video mixing program.

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