Live Earth Campus, the college focused version of Live Earth, is looking to establish its own brand identity separate from Live Earth's, has learned.

Live Earth Campus, which was announced last year, will feature four major concerts and ecological themed events at hundreds of campuses across the U.S. this October. Details on who will perform and where the events will take place remain scant.

In an effort to make sure that Live Earth Campus has its own identity Live Earth, the parent organization, is currently talking to four shops, a mix of advertising and branding agencies, about what kind of brand to establish for the program. The identities of the agencies could not be determined.

While the re-branding is being called a "tweak," Nina Guralnick, president of Live Earth, does acknowledge that even the program's name could be changed. "My guess is that we'll look at tweaking its identity so that we have some sort of variation of the Live Earth name with a college focus," says Guralnick. However, "We're open to all suggestions, I think Live Earth Campus is what we'll stick with but it remains to be seen," she says.

Guralnick says she wants the ad and branding agencies to present ideas about how Live Earth Campus can get students involved with pressing climate issues. "How do you motivate an 18-24 year-old about issues we know they care about but then get them to take their knowledge about it and turn that into activism," she says.