Steve Madden is stepping into music marketing again.

The footwear and apparel retailer is launching an in-store and online marketing campaign dubbed Steve Madden Music that will spotlight a recording artist every month or two, Billboard has learned. First up is Katy Perry, whose Capitol Music Group single "I Kissed a Girl" exploded 21-5 this week on the Billboard Hot 100 after selling 173,000 digital downloads. Also in the pipeline is S-Curve artist Little Jackie.

Although Perry and Little Jackie record for EMI Group labels, Steve Madden Music is seeking similar partnerships with other labels as well. "The music business is very parallel to the shoe business," founder/design chief Steve Madden says. "They're after the same girl that we're after. Even the mind-set of trying to make a hit shoe or a hit record is the same. People always want to know what's cool. I figured if [Sean "Diddy" Combs] and Russell [Simmons] could get into my business, then I could go into theirs."

For Capitol, the Perry promotion follows its partnership last year with Victoria's Secret for the exclusive U.S. CD release of the Spice Girls' "Greatest Hits."

Capitol chairman/CEO Jason Flom says the label is keen on considering more such promotions. "If you're a brand and you're reading this, we're open for business,'' he says. "We want to work in fun and creative ways with brand partners to get emotional connections with artists."

The new Steve Madden campaign will include an unusually immersive in-store component.

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