Mark McGrath, lead singer of rock band Sugar Ray and host of entertainment news show Extra!, is the voice of a new branded entertainment effort from Unilever's I Can't Believe It's Not Butter.

Dubbed Spraychel for President, the campaign is composed of six animated Webisodes and one TV spot. In the Webisodes, the first of which went up today, McGrath provides the voice of Mr. More, the brother of Spraychel, a woman who embodies I Can't Believe
It's Not Butter.

In the episode, Spraychel outlines why she should be elected president instead of her puntastic opponent Maxwell Butterman.

The TV spot, set to debut this Thursday on Comcast Interactive and Direct TV, is a spoof of a Senator Barack Obama from earlier this year. Both the Web site and TV spot were created by ad agency Story Worldwide, New York.

"We have had great success in integrating I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! Spray into new media outlets to broaden our consumer base and create a connection that is not easy to achieve through traditional outlets," said Keith Bobier, senior director of marketing, Unilever, in a statement. "This year we are engaging consumers and fans of the brand not only through the entertaining series of Webisodes, but also through a new partnership with MSN."

This is the fourth year Unilever has based a campaign around the character Spraychel, although the first time the company has had a game devoted to the character on Microsoft's MSN Games called "Spraychel for President." Last year's campaign was based on a parody of HBO's "Sex and the City called "Sprays in the City" and pulled in more than one million unique visits to the campaign's Web site, Unilever said.