Web Trends, Watch Maroon 5 On The Today Show
Web Trends, Watch Maroon 5 On The Today Show

Not a week after announcing a partnership with Daft Punk for their line of customized soda bottles, Coca-Cola has teamed up with Maroon 5 for the brand's "Coca-Cola Music" project.

As part of the program, fans of the millions-selling rock band will have the opportunity to help the band compose a new song during a 24 hour session. Fans will be able to log on to Coca-Cola Music's website to interact with the band, lending an opinion on the progress of the tune until a finished product is created.

The London studio that the five-piece will be working from will be fitted with a movement-based projection system that will stream fans' opinions and project them onto a studio wall for easy viewing by the band.

"This is the most ambitious and experimental effort in music Coca-Cola has ever undertaken," commented Joe Belliotti, Director of Global Entertainment Marketing for The Coca-Cola Company. "For the 24-hour session, we are deploying and developing new and emerging technologies to allow as many people as possible to be part of the event and gain insight into the creative process that goes into making great music."

The live event will occur on March 22. U.S. fans can also follow the session at MyCoke.com.