Beats By Dr. Dre, HTC Ink $300 Million Mobile Phone Deal
Beats By Dr. Dre, HTC Ink $300 Million Mobile Phone Deal

Jimmy Iovine's quality audio quest is going on the road - literally. At the New York Auto show, Beats By Dre and car manufacturer Chyrsler unveiled a partnership that will bring the Beats audio technology into the 2012 Chrysler 300S.

Under the deal, the Beats team helped Chrysler's engineers design and tune the car's 10-speaker audio system, much like it did with Monster's engineers to create the its line of headphones or with HP to tune the speaker system in certain types of laptops.

The 300S, available this fall, is the first model to contain the new system. The company says it will extend the Beats brand into addition vehicles over time. The 300S seems like the right place to start: A press release says the 300S "was born with attitude and stred-cred," featuring 20-inch polished aluminum wheels with black painted pockets, sculpted horizontal grill blades and a luxury interior.

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However, given the development time of automobiles, it is likely to be a couple of years before Beats extends to new models.