Mark Ronson On  'Move To The Beat,' His Olympic Anthem For Coca-Cola @MIDEM
Mark Ronson On 'Move To The Beat,' His Olympic Anthem For Coca-Cola @MIDEM

Mark Ronson (Center) with Wendy Clark, Coca Cola senior VP (left) and Topspin founder/CEO Ian Rogers (right), discussed the mulit-faceted tracks he is creating for the Coca-Cola's Olympic Anthem at MIDEM'S Visionary Monday Q&A session. (Photo: 360 Media / Image & Co)

If K'naan's "Wavin' Flag" set the template for what Coca-Cola could do with music in 2010 (the track was selected as Coke's theme for the FIFA World Cup), just brace yourself for Mark Ronson's "Move to the Beat" campaign.

Ronson is the production whiz behind a new Olympic anthem that sees him collaborating with five Olympic global ambassadors to incorporate signature sounds from their respective sports - table tennis, hurdling, sprinting, archery and taekwondo - and featuring different vocalists to activate the song across 100 different countries.

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Beginning in February, Katy B will be featured as the lead vocalist on the track as it debuts in the U.K., the U.S. and other territories where Ronson is well-known. A global commercial starring Ronson and Katy B as well as a feature-length documentary on the song's creative process will roll out closer to the summer games.

Ronson is currently collaborating with Music Dealers, a global music-licensing firm in which Coke has a minority stake, to select vocalists for other territories. Inspired by the success of "Wavin' Flag," Ronson is keenly aware of the pressure to set a new precedent.

"It used to be, 'if it doesn't do well don't worry about it,'" he told Topspin's Ian Rogers during a Monday keynote at MIDEM. "Now it's, 'We need to have a banger.'"

For Coke's Wendy Clark, senior VP of integrated marketing communications and capabilities, the campaign will be measured in its virality. "We want everything to be share-worthy so that it can spread," she said. "We're lucky to have 37 million fans on our Facebook fan page. As marketers if we don't take advantage of that, give them content or things to spread, shame on us. It's a built-in opportunity for us to do better."