Doritos, H&M, Chrysler Take Top Super Bowl Ad Honors -- Pepsi's Elton Ad Tops Music
Doritos, H&M, Chrysler Take Top Super Bowl Ad Honors -- Pepsi's Elton Ad Tops Music

As Twitter reached record highs last night - 9,420 sports-related tweets per second, according to Twitter's blog - many brands clamored to lead the conversation in the ever-fickle social media-sphere.

According to BrandBowl, a real-time analytics tool from Boston-based ad agency Mullen and (powered by Sales Force Radian6), the marketers with the top scores in volume and favorability were Doritos, H&M and Chrysler, with Pepsi and Chevrolet finishing close behind. The data is still being updated at

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"This was a truly watershed moment social media and the Super Bowl," Edward Boches, chief innovation officer at Mullen, said in a statement. "With nearly 200 million people on Twitter and two-thirds of all smart-phone owners using social media while watching TV, just about every brand built interactive elements into their commercials, knowing that the true measurement of success these days is immediate consumer reaction and long-term consumer engagement."

Doritos' series of spots accumulated 48,498 tweets during the game, with a +29% sentiment ranking, according to Brand Bowl. H&M recorded 42,536 tweets for its David Beckham-starring spot (featuring The Animals' "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood") with a +14% sentiment ranking. Chrysler's halftime spot with Clint Eastwood racked 33,943 tweets, with a +10% sentiment ranking. Pepsi was the highest original music-related marketer at No. 4, garnering 39,242 tweets for its commercial featuring "X Factor" winner Melanie Amaro and Elton John (sentiment ranking was +8%.) The least-popular brands of the night? Cadillac (345 tweets, +2% sentiment), Century 21 (520 tweets, +6% sentiment), Lexus (922 tweets, -1%), CareerBuilder (1,001 tweets, +5% sentiment) and Hulu (1,191 tweets, +10% sentiment.)

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Indeed, social-media usage was so high that popular iOS app Shazam saw record engagement during Super Bowl Sunday. The company partnered with brands like Toyota Camry, Bud Light and Best Buy to encourage fans to Shazam the brands' commercials to unlock exclusive content and sweepstakes.

"We had high expectations for such a huge event with the Super Bowl and we weren't let down," Evan Krauss, Shazam's exec VP of ad sales, tells Billboard. Though Shazam declined to share brand-specific data, Krauss said of the initial results, "From what we understand the ones with the most solid calls-to-action and good value proposition got a lot of engagement."

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Of course, Shazam's core service - music - drove a lot of activity, too. "We saw tags for some commercials with really great music in it that weren't even tagged as Shazamable," Krauss said. "The majority of tagging was definitely the commercials and halftime, though the game saw a lot as well." Indeed, some of the most-tweeted songs of the night were Foster The People's "Pumped Up Kicks" and Tinie Tempah's "Written In The Stars," songs featured during the game as lead-ins to commercial breaks.